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The Phoenix “I AM” Daily Essentials Health Supplement Line is a compilation of specific vitamins and minerals that work harmoniously together to provide Energy*, Eye Care*, Bone and Joint Support*, Immune support*, heart health* & muscle support*. The Corona Virus has shown the world that HEALTH should be at the top of everyone’s priority. The Phoenix “I AM” Formulas naturally help your body form the antibodies it needs to fight off common illnesses.
Have more energy, stay mentally focused, & sleep better every day. These US Pharmaceutical grade nutrients complete the human body’s chemistry so your bodies’ metabolism functions properly. These essential vitamins and minerals provide a full spectrum of nutrients that are not available in today’s food and are easily absorbed to keep your complete human blockchain running at optimal speeds for longer periods of time. Never Forget to invest in YOU: Your Most Valuable Asset. You Are the Phoenix. Rise from the Ashes and be the Best Version of You.
Phoenix “I AM” Daily Essentials Focus*Energy*Strength*Recovery